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Our Story

Piast Las Vegas began as a dream...

10 years ago, the Polish community in Las Vegas began to dream about how to celebrate and share their culture. Comprised of a joyous group of friends and family, Piast was formed as the 1st Adult Polish Dance Group in Las Vegas. 

In the beginning, Piast had dancers with decades of dance experience and many with none. We started to take the world by storm with the help of our experienced choreographers and our dancer's tenacity to learn.

Years later, we have danced in many festivals, from Los Angeles to Tucson to Rzeszów! 

With many years to continue to grow and explore, we hope you will join us and become a part of this dream!

Piast is the 1st Adult Polish folk dance group in Las Vegas.

In 2022, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary  together as a group!
With our Choreographer  Pamela Betkowski's teaching experience, Piast is growing to encompass new dancers!
We draw on our various regional experiences to create dances that showcase the variety of Poland.

Click the Dancers to Join Piast

Our repertoire is constantly improving and expanding to include more Polish and international dances. We warmly welcome adults of all ages 16+ to join in on the fun.
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