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Festivals, Weddings, or Special Events...
we have a dance for every occasion


Whatever your event, we can make it a lot more festive with live entertainment. Our dance numbers are very versatile and the program we can put together is very customizable - from a single five minute number to an hour- long show.  Our choreography can accommodate small areas for as few as four couples to large scale theater stages. We are a not for profit organization, and that’s why our pricing is some of the best in the industry. Our performance fees help to pay for our rehearsal space and offset some of the travel expenses. We realize each event has special circumstances therefore the price chart below is a guideline and final prices are negotiable. 

4 Couples: ONLY $400

6 Couples: ONLY $550

8 Couples: ONLY $700

4 to 6 Dancers: ONLY $300

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Pricing is for performances without a costume change in the Las Vegas area.

For performances outside Las Vegas, Travel expenses are additional.

Performances with 2 or More costume changes are an additional $100.

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